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London Astoria

Date: 11 November 1996
Location: LA2 (London Astoria 2), London, UK
Quality: A
Time: 45min
Songs: 1. rope bridge crossing (5.34) / 2. city of no sun (2.56) / 3. urn with dead flowers in a drained pool (3.50) / 4. civil war correspondent (5.22) / 5. taut (3.10) / 6. dance hall at louse point (2.47) / 7. un cercle au tour du soleil (6.34) / 8. Losing Ground (3.57) / 9. heela (3.21) / 10. is that all there is? (5.26)
Notes: Band members are Jeremy Hogg, Eric Feldman, & Rob Ellis. Appears on the "Live at Louse Point" bootleg cd


Date: 30 October 1996
Location: Studio Amstel
Quality: A
Time: about 45min.
Songs: Rope Bridge Crossing / City Of No Sun / Urn With Dead Flowers In A Drained Pool / Civil War Correspondent / Taut / Dance Hall At Louse Point / Un Cercle Autour Du Soleil / Losing Ground / Heela / Is That All There Is?
Notes: Formed part of the shows "De Voorste Linie" and "Einfach Rockmusik". The lineup is as follows: John Parish: Guitar, Bass, Vocal / Polly Jean Harvey: Vocal, Organ, Guitar, Maraca / Rob Ellis: Drums / Jeremy Hawk: Guitar / Eric Feldman: Keyboard, Bass
An interview with John Parrish followed the performance.

Peel Session

Date: 14 October 1996
Location: BBC Studios
Quality: A
Time: ??
Songs: Civil War Correspondent / Urn With Dead Flowers In a Drained Pool / Un Cercle Autour Du Soleil / City of No Sun
Notes: Songs performed by PJH, Parish, Rob Ellis, Jeremy Hogg and Eric Drew Feldman.

Peel Session

Date: 21 September 1996
Location: BBC Studios
Quality: A
Time: 20min
Songs: Losing Ground / Taut / Snake / That was My Veil
Notes: These songs were performed by PJH and John Parish only.


Date: 9 May 1996
Location: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Quality: A
Time: 15min
Songs: none
Notes: interview.

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