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BBC Radio One Evening Session 1993

Date: October 18, 1993
Location: BBC Studios
Time: ~15m
Songs: 50Ft Queenie / Wang Dang Doodle

Modern Rock Live 1993

Date: September 28, 1993
Quality: Excellent
Time: 14m
Songs: Dress / Highway 61 Revisited
Notes: Call-in show. Someone asks about the split-up of the band, and she says that just Rob Ellis is leaving. She says further that he is writing his own album, and that she sings a couple songs on it.

KCRW 1993

Date: September 23, 1993
Location: Santa Monica, California
Quality: Excellent
Time: 15m
Songs: Rid of Me / Dress
Notes: With interview. They talk about recording "Legs," which leads me to beleive that somewhere out there someone has this complete session.

Peel Session

Date: March 12, 1993
Location: BBC Studios
Quality: A
Time: 15m
Songs: Primed and Ticking / Claudine the Inflatable One / Wang Dang Doodle / Naked Cousin
Notes: A John Peel Session radio broadcast. Found in whole on the Jungle Queen cd.

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