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Date: September 1996

Formats: LP/CS/CD on Island Records ( CID 8051/524 278-2)

Songs: Girl, Rope Bridge Crossing, City Of No Sun, That Was My Veil, Urn With Dead Flowers In A Drained Pool, Civil War Correspondent, Taut, Un Cercle Autour Du Soleil, Heela, Is That All There Is?* Dance Hall At Louse Point, Lost Fun Zone.

Notes: collaborative album between PJ Harvey & John Parish. The album was used as the basis for a major British contemporary dance piece, choreographed by Mark Bruce and commissioned by The Performing Arts South Bank Centre. Is That All There Is? was a cover of the old Peggy Lee standard, which was recorded for the Basquiat movie soundtrack. The album was produced by P J Harvey & John Parish (except* which was produced by P J Harvey, John Parish & Mick Harvey).

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