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Date: 1995

Formats: LP/CS/CD on Island Records (314-524 085-2, US+UK)

Songs: To Bring You My Love (5:32) / Meet Ze Monsta (3:29) / Working for the Man (4:45) / C'mon Billy (2:47) / Teclo (4:57) / Long Snake Moan (5:17) / Down By The Water (3:14) / I Think I'm A Mother (4:00) / Send His Love To Me (4:20) / The Dancer (4:06)

Notes: There was a limited release (CIDZ 8035 / 524 179-2) in the U.K. of b-sides that could be had in two forms: either by itself (2000 copies of JUST the B-sides album to the people on their database) or by buying the TBYML album again to get them both in one package. Here's what was on it: Reeling / Daddy / Lying in the Sun / Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name / Darling Be There / Maniac / One Time Too Many / Harder / Goodnight

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