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Date: 1995

Formats: Island CD (PJICD1)

Songs: none.

Notes: The fold-out digipack packaging is all black and white and uses the same font as the TBYML release. Here's the info I have:

Photo: Valerie Phillips
When you first open it it has small b/w pics of all three of her Island releases, with the titles, catalog numbers, and track lists underneath.

When you fold out the cover all the way, you see the questions and voice cues. They're written like this:
Q. Going on tour/New band line up
A. I have got a new band of five men and me and I am just singing... ... knew I wanted to play a large number of instruments myself anyway. (DURATION 3m39s)
etc. There are ten segments in all - in addition to the above question, she speaks about:
-the DBTW video, and
-the difference between the video and song
-how the TBYML album was written
-the spanish influence behind The Dancer
-the positive feel of the album
-how quickly the songs were done
-the background to the song Teclo
-working with Flood
-looking forward to touring

The cd itself is just white, and repeats the info on the front and back covers, with the exception of the photo credit.

None of the interview sounds familiar to me, by the way, except for the short bit about Teclo... Long ago, I saw an interview quote posted on the list that sounded basically the same... but she was probably asked to explain that one more than once. Anyway, the recording is good, she sounds relaxed, and she speaks articulately and insightfully.

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