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Date: 1995

Formats: CDS on Island and 12" vinyl on 33RPM on Island Records

Songs: 4-track version, (CID 614 854 351-2): C'Mon Billy (2:52) / Darling Be There (3:46) / Maniac (4:02) / One Time Too Many (2:51)
3-track version, (CID 614 854 301-2): C'Mon Billy (2:52) / Darling Be There (3:46) / Maniac (4:02)
2-track version, (CIDT 614 854 300-2 - LC 0407 - PY 901): C'Mon Billy (2:52) / One Time Too Many (2:51)

Notes: One Time Too Many appears on the Batman Forever soundtrack. The 2-track version has a cardboard cover.

Written by Polly Jean Harvey. Produced by Flood, Polly Jean Harvey & John Parrish except track 2 produced, engineered & mixed by Polly Jean Harvey. Track 1 engineered by Polly Jean Harvey & Flood for 140dB, mixed by Flood for 140 dB, string arrangement by Pete Thomas. Tracks 3&4 engineered & mixed by Flood for 140dB. Sleeve by Maria Mochnacz.

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