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Date: various 1993 (see notes)

Location: various (see notes)

Quality: A

Time: Approximately 86 minutes

Songs: Snake / Naked Cousin / 50ft. Queenie (Promo) / Victory / Man-Size Sextet / Primed and Ticking / M-Bike / Wang Dang Doodle / Missed / Hook / Rid of Me / Me-Jane / Man-Size (promo) / Legs

Notes: This video is a legitimate product in Europe, but only available in North America pirated or as huge (read $70+!) import cost. This is what the cover says:

Reeling is made of backstage tour footage filmed over a three week period out of PJ Harvey's 1993 European and American tour. This is constructed around live footage taken from 2 dates at the "Forum", London plus videos for the singles "50ft Queenie" and "Man- Size".
"Forum" Live footage directed by Pinko.
50ft Queenie & Man-Size directed by Maria Mochnacz
Camera: Simon Jacobs
Cover by Maria Mochnacz

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