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And I remember everything.
Sunrise on a blue horizon.
your hand in mine.
I remember the things you said.

You said, I'd be your lady, wait through it all.
Be there to catch you, after you fall.
Run through the red light, out of my head
Run from the darkness into the day,

and I dreamt of running.
And in the dream, I myself could run,
and I feel the ground beneath my feet,
and I move like music.
You move me, like music.

Head out on my way.
Head out to red lights.
"Hold on, the dream says.
Head out on my life.
You said "I'd be there!"

Now I'm treading very carefully,
and I hope that I don't scream,
and I hope that I don't fall
off your bridge, crossing over
sunny mountain, swollen river,
you said "I'd be there."
You said "I'd be there,"
through it all.

Royal Albert Hall, October 2011. Stream now in HD
posted: 10.07.2014
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