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Words leave my heart dry.
Words can't save life.
Love has no place here.
No joy, no tears.

Darling, times have changed.
Time leaves, time fades.
Please see through my eyes,
Save your tears for the next to die.

I shout but he doesn't hear,
I put it down on the page.
Darling spare me your tears,
Just send me the light of day

I can feel his heart wired.
A heart like gunfire.

BBC Radio 4's Today programme - PJ Harvey's opening statement
posted: 02.01.2014
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The full running order for PJ Harvey's Today programme, airing tomorrow January 2nd from 6am
posted: 01.01.2014
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Contributors to PJ Harvey's Today programme on BBC Radio 4 on 2nd January
posted: 30.12.2013
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