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Jesus save me
Jesus save me

Can I tell you something?
Can I tell you a story?
It's about me and Billy.
Because I remember,
I remember it all started when he bought that car.
It was the first thing hed ever owned apart from me,
and the colour was red,
the colour was red, and he drove me,
he drove me out of my mind.
I am over it now.

It was Spring or Summer 65, I don't remember,
but jus steaming and sweating and sticking against the wheel,
and I could see the tendons stand out in the back of his neck,
and he used to make me pray, he used to make me pray
wearing a mask like a death's head, hed make me pray
kneeling in the back seat,
hed make me say

Jesus save me!
Jesus save me!

Hed inherited his Fathers hate, thats what hed say,
and he could cuss enough to strip the paint off heavens gate
but somehow, he could make joy come loose inside,
and I would feel really and truly alive
and I would do anything for him.
But it just wasn't enough, it was never enough,
And he'd turn to me and say,
he'd say "Even the Son of God had to die, my darling,"

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