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NEWS 2007

Something We Forgot To Mention!

We wanted to bring your attention to the fantastic version of The Desperate Kingdom Of Love performed by the deeply soulful; C.J. Chenier. It is featured on his most recent release of the same name. The record was conceived and recorded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and has been described as a “journey through loss, resignation, hope, lust and the undimmed desires to dance”!
You can find out more information on C.J. and the record by clicking here.

posted: 02.02.2007

Recording in Progress Silent Auction and Memorabilia
posted: 19.02.2015
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PJ Harvey announces additional sessions to 'Recording in Progress.
posted: 19.01.2015
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PJ Harvey to record her ninth studio album as an exhibition at Somerset House
posted: 02.01.2015
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