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NEWS 2001

PJ Harvey Confirms Melbourne Rooftop Performance On Monday January 29th.

P J Harvey is set to perform on the rooftop of RRR Radio's cafe in Melbourne, Australia next Monday, January 29th. Harvey and her band will perform a semi-acoustic set at 6.30pm which will also be broadcast live on the station's 'Kinky Afro' show. Be sure to drop by if your in the area - the address is RRR Radio, 25 Victoria St., Fitzroy.

posted: 26.01.2001

PJ Harvey & Seamus Murphy to release debut book of poetry & photos
posted: 01.12.2014
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PJ Harvey scores Ian Rickson's 'Electra'
posted: 03.10.2014
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PJ Harvey, Paul Hartnoll and Flood: Peaky Blinders
posted: 02.10.2014
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