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NEWS 2007

Some Dates To Remember...

We thought you;d like to know that Polly will be featured on the Gary Crowley show this coming Saturday, November 10th. Airing on BBC Radio London between 6pm - 8pm, Polly will be chatting to Gary Crowley in addition to performing a couple of songs in studio. You can tune in on radio or listen live on-line at The session will also be available on-demand for one week on the BBC player. The following week will see a TV guest performance by Polly on Later With Jools Holland. Broadcasting on Friday November 16th on BBC2 at 11.35pm... We'll keep you posted on other upcoming TV and radio action...

posted: 09.11.2007

Royal Albert Hall, October 2011. Stream now in HD
posted: 10.07.2014
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BBC Radio 4's Today programme - PJ Harvey's opening statement
posted: 02.01.2014
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The full running order for PJ Harvey's Today programme, airing tomorrow January 2nd from 6am
posted: 01.01.2014
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