Automatic Dlamini Bio Clipping

19 years old, has been making music now for about two years; starting off in her own band based in Dorset, which played frequently for about six months.

In July 1988, she was invited to join the Bristol-based band, 'Automatic Dlamini', as a guitar/saxophone player and backing vocalist, and has been a member of this band ever since. They have just returned from a two-week tour of east and West Germany and Spain, and embarked on a tour of Poland in October 1988. An album is due to be recorded in August 1989, possibly featuring one of Polly's songs, 'Heaven', but mostly jointly-written songs by 'Automatic Dlamini'.

Despite being a member of 'Automatic Dlamini', Polly continues to write and record her own songs, and keeps the idea of a solo project in mind for the future.

Polly Jean Harvey