PJ Harvey

"I've always considered this to be a solo project. That's why I've always worked under my own name and that's why I've signed to Island as a solo artist. I've always known that there would be a time that I wanted to work with other musicians. You've got to progress and move on now and then. Working with other people broadens your horizons. I was fed up with the line up of a trio as well. The five piece I front now gives me musically more possibilities. I've given up playing the guitar on stage because I wanted to concentrate more on singing. I knew I had it in me to be more of a performance artist. It helps me put more feeling into the words when I can move and sing at the same time. The first days of rehearsal in front of the band were awkward, but it feels natural now. Some people have said that my liveshow is contrived because there is drama as well as glamour involved, but at this point in my life, it is something that I have to explore. I have to experience this in order to move on and try other things."