John Parish & P.J. Harvey
Dance Hall At Louise Point
from FACHBLATT MUSIKMAGAZIN Okt. 1996 issue (German Musicians Magazine)
review by Joerg-Peter Klotz

Who ever loved P.J. Harvey's solo debut "To Bring You My Love" - one of the most praised records last year - should approach this album rather with caution. This is no P.J. Harvey- record, but a co- production with guitarist and co- producer John Parish, who played all the songs completely and, with exeption of "Is That All There Is", wrote them as well.

On the other hand, the fragile English woman uses her voice in a less lovable way then on her debut. That partly sounds like Tori Amos at a performance- workshop led by Yoko Ono (i.e. you have to get used to it). But with some patience the class of Parish's compositions and guitar playing is showing.

Together with the fabulous interpretation by the vampiresque land-lady from Dorset, the expected masterpiece arises - best example: the ballad "That was my way" or "City Of No Sun".