‘A Dog Called Money’ – Berlin Film Festival

Seamus Murphy’s new film A Dog Called Money will receive its World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival today at 5pm. PJ Harvey has worked with film-maker, photographer, and journalist Seamus Murphy for over a decade.

“What initially compelled me to track him down as a collaborator was his unique ability to capture life and death, uninhibited, and without judgement,” says Harvey. “Due to his life’s work of documenting the human condition from such a close and intimate perspective, Seamus’s lens is able to go to places most of us will never otherwise see. His work allows us as viewers to enter, contemplate, and extract meaning for ourselves, within the beauty, colour and context that he captures.”

“Once again this artist inspires and surprises me with his new film. I had no idea how he would bring together four distinct journeys through Afghanistan, Kosovo, Washington D.C., and the making of an album by a Dorset-born songwriter, and yet A Dog Called Money flows beautifully. This engaging film is poised, deeply moving, and carries with it an overriding sense of positivity.”

The photo used in the film’s poster was taken during the recording sessions for The Hope Six Demolition Project LP at Somerset House, in January 2015.

A Dog Called Money - film poster
PJ Harvey, “Recording in Progress” – Somerset House, London, January 2015