Man-Size – The Making Of The Video

The making of the video for Man-Size (silent footage).

From director Maria Mochnacz: 

“We shot the video for Man-Size in the summer of 1993 in the same boat builders shed just outside Portishead, near Bristol, that we used for 50 Ft Queenie. I remember I had Simon Jacobs and Jason Marshall, who I made the video with, yelling in my ear that we were wasting film as I kept asking Polly to do whole takes of the song!

All I said to Polly beforehand was everyone knows that everyone lip-synchs to the song for a video so just sing when you feel like singing and don’t when you don’t. I’d been working behind the bar at The Moon Club in Bristol and I felt like I got my MTV education. MTV was on the whole time and I thought all the videos they played were very colourful and fast cut, if you made something fairly static and black and white it would stand out.

It was lovely to find this roll of film when I was recently doing a big spring clean! Seeing our friends/the crew from the day and being reminded of stuff we shot and tested that we didn’t end up using…and things we intended to shoot and didn’t!” 

Watch the Man-Size HD restored video.

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